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Tailored Blade is committed to providing you with in-depth and unbiased opinions on all things tactical knives related.  Our primary focus is anything with a blade, including folding (or pocket) knives, fixed blades, machetes, multitools and even kitchen tactical knives.  Through our team of experts we provide reviews, education and advice to assist consumers in making informed choices.

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As an avid outdoorsman, military serviceman, and knife enthusiast, edged tools have been a daily part of my life since I was a young man. My wife and I purchased this business at the start of the new year with the goal of providing top quality tactical  knives at the best prices, as well as exceptional customer service.

To enhance your experience, we will be doing a series of updates to the site over the next several weeks. This includes an intuitive and easy to use shopping filter, featured products, and clearance page where we will be liquidating much of our current inventory in order to make room for newer and better products.

We welcome any feedback that might make your experience better. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of our customers over the past few weeks. I am always available to provide a personal recommendation that will best suit your needs or just chat knives. Thank you for visiting our tactical knives store.



Some Knife Companies Make Better Tactical Knives for Self Defense and Other Emergencies than Others

Most companies try their hand at tactical knives these days, but for some brands it’s more like an afterthought to appease the troves of spindly “self-defense” enthusiasts. When you search for “tactical” knives, you need to be careful that you don’t end up with something that was only designed to latch onto a demographic with a vaguely military aesthetic and a spear point.

There are a lot of tactical knives out there that look tactical because they’re over-built with camo scales slapped on, but once you get them in a situation where you need to cut rope in a hurry they turn out to be loose pry bars. Meanwhile there are plenty of knife companies out there that put a lot of thought into their tactical designs, making a tool that is genuinely useful in a variety of emergency situations not exclusive to just “fighting”.