Welcome To Tailored Blade Online Store

Tailored Blade is a knife store of legendary proportions. We love knives and we’re ultra-passionate about selling blades to fellow knife enthusiasts. With physical locations in Houston, we are an ever-growing online retailer of all things pointy, with a brick and mortar store presence too.

We specialize in High Quality knives from the biggest and best knife brands in the industry and have an impressive selection of folding pocket knives, military and law enforcement knives, butterfly knives, automatic knives, and traditional cutlery– if's it's a knife, odds are we carry it.

Best Tactical Combat Knives 00 Hero 708x472 1

We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Knives

In fact, our goal is to be the most legendary knife retailer in the Universe. Lofty, but we’re committed. We’re the type of people that can’t get knives out of our system. We look for pocket clips in public and start up conversations with random strangers about what knife they’re carrying and why. Our desks are littered with the lastest Blade magazines and knife manufacturer pamphlets. Do Tailored Blade employees dream of electric knives? Yes.

We are always working to improve our speed and service. Our fantastic associates in Houston pick products, box... boxes, and orchestrate order shipments. We take your phone calls, chat with you on the website, and reply to your emails. We care so much that we’ll even draw a picture on your box for you!


Which knives do Tailored Blade employees carry?

Everyone at Tailored Blade carries a knife, or we fire them. Not really, but some of our employees have an insatiable knife addiction. Here are a couple photos of the knives we carry around the shop:

1Amanda Kershaw Skyline Customized v2 1
1Austin Benchmade 51 flytanium V2
1Joe ZT0220 cutsomized 2
1miranda spyderco squeak pink dl 2
1Timote Direware custom dl 2
1Ben Spyderco Delica V2